02 December 2007

It's 3:33am

I have three research papers to write. For one of those papers ALL the research I have is in French and German, although the paper is to be written in English (and it's not like I speak any three of those languages very well). I have two final exams this week. Apparently it's 12 degrees outside (some of my more hardcore Brunonians did brave the weather for a Seekonk ride today though). I tried turning up the radiator in my dorm room, but that caused hot water to gush out of the valve. I don't think I have clean underwear for tomorrow (or is it today?)

Goodness, my two road bikes are sitting across from me right now just begging to be rode. Perhaps if I didn't care the least bit about school (or laundry or frostbite) I might just do it.

About a week ago I was on a ride alone on the East Bay path, heading back to Bristol RI (as it was the Thanksgiving Break), and the support rails under my seat snapped and the seat broke off the post. Hmmm. I've never had that happen before - not horribly fun riding five miles on pancake flat terrain entirely out of the saddle. I'm now still living in an unrealistic fear every time I jump on a bike that the seat's going to fall off again.

The Brown team has drafted a design for our new jerseys this year. We're gonna be decked out in full-out brown and red argyle. We're gonna stand out SO MUCH in the peloton that if we're not freaking all-out badassedly fast we'll be the laughing stocks of the ECCC. At least we'll have a pretty huge team this year to, uh, divide up the ridicule (or admiration) in smaller individual chunks. Better finish writing these papers so I can start training some more. Whether it be -12 or 12 degrees Fahrenheit, there's always my fellow teammates to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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