24 October 2007

Foxborough Ride

Ya, so instead of solely being a nuisance to society, I figured that I'd counteract my uselessness with a little usefulness by posting some of the cool rides that I pull out of thin air.

This ride goes through Foxborough towncenter (quite anticlimactic but nonetheless a bit exciting after braving some rt. 152 madness to get there) and to Gillette Stadium (where the Patriots play).


I actually had a pretty good time for the loop because I realized coming back that I was VERY pressed for time to get back in time for class, so I basically moved up the ranks from base pace to tempo pace to blasting through Pawtucket at 25mph+, swerving in and out of traffic and running every red light without hardly a touch of the brakes. Oh, it was dumping rain also and I was only in shorts and a short-sleeved jersey. And I had embarked upon the ride at 6:45am, which in this weird geographic location of ours here meant that it was still dark. It was fun.

Nothing like Mass-a-freaking-chussetts early in the morning. The ones entering the Dunkin Donuts aren't yet caffeinated and thus pose a larger than normal hazard for a cyclist's well-being, while the ones leaving the Dunkin Donuts are, well, just plain normal Massholes.

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