22 October 2007

rant rant rant rant

Ya so I slept about four hours all weekend writing history papers and studying for some exams from hell, so I'm tired and quite angry. Time for a rant.

For some reason people have been running a lot more red lights in the East Side recently. Now, of course this isn't horribly uncommon in Rhode Island. And I'm used to people blowing through quite vital stopsigns all the time, mainly because apparently they're optional. But I cannot understand the recent red light running on the East Side, because I think that they put those photo-red-light things sometime last winter in some intersections (Wayland and Angell, etc.) Before that, it seems like people were running fewer red lights on the East Side. They were quite behaved. But now all hell has broken loose when the light turns yellow or red, at all times of day.

I guess there's some sort of inverted defiant logic here. Here's a solution - get rid of all stopsigns and stoplights in Rhode Island and then people will behave normally. But only here, because then there's no goddamned sign to tell people what to do and they'll get out of "screw authority" mode and get into "wow somebody actually trusts me to do the right thing" mode.

Mainly, though, I'm just pissed because some damn SUV hit one of the freshmen at Brown over the weekend, and then drove off with a nice friendly "ahh, you look okay." I hope that a semi-truck does the same to that SUV. And trust me, if (once?) a Rhode Island driver hits me when I'm on my bike, I'm gonna sue the living crap out of him/her until he's living in shame under the Henderson Bridge. Especially if it messes up the paint job on my beauty.

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