03 January 2008

Happy New Year

Can you count to 2008?

Firstly, here's a cool gradient map of the Gold Camp Road climb - it should be of interest to the Colorado Springs cycling community:
Gold Camp Road Gradient Map

I discovered this quote by Michael Barry on velonews.com today, about winter training:

The initial couple of rides are difficult, the bike feels uncomfortable, like a shoe that isn't fitting well, and it feels as though a wheel is rubbing, a brake is touching, or there is a slight headwind each time the road goes uphill. Each season, that unpleasant feeling seems to disappear overnight; one morning about two weeks ago, I stepped onto my bike and floated; my legs spun, the bike moved, and I felt like a cyclist.


I'm just waiting for the day that I experience the floating, spinning, moving feeling (wait...that sounds familiar... but for me it never involved a bike!?!)

Rhode Island cycling withdrawal. It's kicking in now. I just get this feeling in Colorado Springs that when I give a car the finger, it has no effect. Either the car is going by too fast to see me doing it, or at a stoplight the driver just pulls out a cross and a Bible and condemns me to hell for wearing spandex on a Sunday. Near death on-road experiences and resulting verbal altercations are usually major events in Rhode Island, often lasting several minutes. Here, they're just too unsatisfying in their brevity.

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