22 January 2008

The Return

I have returned to Rhode Island. Strangely it feels warm to me, although we're hovering precariously on the rain/snow threshold right now.

My departing flight was delayed for an hour and a half (although I only had 40 minutes scheduled layover for my connecting flight to Providence). Although it was snowing, that was not the primary reason for the delay. The plane was overweight - don't look at me, I lost about five pounds in the last month in a continuing effort to not be fat! Instead of the pilot turning back and saying "fatasses off!" they had to do that whole "who's willing to volunteer to get screwed over for a $400 Delta Airlines voucher and a hug" ordeal and I suppose that took time. Apparently, though, the airlines are all overscheduling their flights by about an hour so they're 'on time' more often. I got off the airplane at 7:35pm and my next flight was scheduled to leave at 7:40pm, and one irreverant sprint across the entire freaking airport got me back here! My bags even made (I don't know how or why).

That aside aside, what did I miss about Rhode Island when I wasn't here?
-Government corruption
-Organized crime
-Buddy Cianci's radio show
-88.1 WBSR (Brown Student Radio on FM)
-Spike's (just had a Grinder Dog on Thayer St.)
-Hair-raising events on I-95 (also just had some)
-Central Falls (just kidding)
-Depressing weather
-Cardi's Furniture Superstore television commercials

I've also mapped out some cool new rides that debark from the East Side of Providence and am looking forward to trying them out. If any of them work well, I'll be sure to share them here.

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